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Welcome to Australia For Kids

Australia for kids is a directory of attractions and activities for children to enjoy whilst on holiday in Australia.

To find fun things to do choose the area you want to visit and check out what is available for your child/children’s age range. We have done our best to categorise the attractions, but be sure to check out the websites themselves, as opening times and prices will vary.

Would you like to contribute to the information on this site? Despite my best efforts and several thousand plane-miles, we haven’t been able to visit all these places ourselves yet, so let me know if your kids enjoyed themselves at any of them! Any suggestions of new attractions and places to visit that you would recommend for children are always welcome, please get in touch.

Capital Territory | Canberra | New South Wales | Sydney | Northern Territory | Alice Springs, Darwin | Queensland | Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sunshine Coast | South Australia | Adelaide | Tasmania | Hobart | Victoria | Melbourne | Western Australia | Perth
Visiting Capital Territory with Kids
Visiting New South Wales with Kids
Visiting Northern Territory with Kids
Visiting Queensland with Kids
Visiting South Australia with Kids
Visiting Tasmania with Kids
Visiting Victoria with Kids
Visiting West Australia with Kids

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