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Rainforest, mountain and gorge, rich plains and estuarine streams, beaches, islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Treasures not well known to the tourist - this is Queensland's Natural North, surrounding the tropical city of Mackay.

A prosperous centre, Mackay has thrived on the commerce of sugar and the mines several hundred kilometres inland. The region has always been independent and for this reason has not become well-known as a tourist destination. This offers the traveller a chance to experience a tropical Queensland that hasn't been overwhelmed by development.

In Mackay, the weather is superb all year round. Temperatures in the warmer months range from 24 to 30C and winter temperatures, a comfortable 20 to 24c (your average English summer!). The waters of The Natural North remain at a constant 20 to 22C year round - which is a little like swimming in a heated pool. There are secluded beaches where the rainforest tumbles to the water's edge, and windsurfers delight in riding the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Age Group
Fun Factor
Byfield National Park Older Kids ***
Australian Workers Heritage All ***



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